What’s HIDO

More than four decades have passed since the full-scale improvement of our nation’s road network began with the inauguration of the 1st Five-Year Road Improvement Program in 1954. During this time, roads have been making a huge contribution to the development of the Japanese economy and the improvement of our standard of life.
However, the rapid progress of motorization has been accompanied by an ever-increasing demand for quantitative and qualitative improvement of roads and a growing need for solutions to the deepening problems of traffic congestion and environmental pollution.
The trends and needs of our entire society have also been changing. Today there is a desire for “true quality life”. Society also faces new challenges such as the Information Age, the Aging Society and Globalization. With the 21st century near at hand, it is imperative to have road improvements that respond to these issues and requirements. Highway Industry Development Organization (HIDO) was established to create and enhance the functions of our nation’s roads by coordinating the efforts of the government and private sector. In order to contribute to development of roads that respond to the vision of the future, HIDO is tackling the survey, research, development and fostering of new road-related industries.
For example, we conduct various research and development efforts that aim at the development and realization of new road functions such as road information system development, integration of roads and roadside areas,and advanced freight transport systems. Furthermore, HIDO performs a wide range of activities such as assisting in the establishment of enterprises to transform these results into practical business projects.
We shall continue to respond to the needs and hopes of people everywhere by grappling with the diverse aspects of road development, seeking to achieve their optimum utilization, and exploring new possibilities as we seek to embody our founding motto, “Pioneering the Future of Roads!”